Connection to KEDCO network depends on your load requirement/load assessment, if your load requirement is below 50KVA you can be connected through public transformer, but anything above requires a dedicated transformer.

Prospective customer shall through registered Electrical contractor forward application for new connection to MD/CEO for processing.

You can be connected on either 11KV or 33KV depending on your load capacity and availability of mains.

Go to the nearest KEDCO office with your account number to obtain the current bill or call our call centre on 070055551111 to have your bill delivered.

KEDCO has two types of PPM,single phase and three phase and the customer’s load is used in determining what type of meter is appropriate for a particular customer.

You can only pay your bills in your Business Unit or the Sub Business Unit within your area.However, if you have a prepaid meter, you can purchase units at any KEDCO office.

There is prepaid,postpaid for small and moderate premises and maximum demand for industries and large premises.

Approval will be communicated to the contractor if the project satisfies the following conditions.

  • Technical Conditions at the Connection Point.
  • Enough room to accommodate additional load on the feeder and its associated sources.
  •  Enough corridors to extend over head line to the required point.

Supply is not regular because of the following factors:

  • Low generation
  • Transmission constraints
  • Distribution constraints
  • Faults occurrences
  • Act of vandalism of power infrastructure

KEDCO estimates electricity consumers that do not have meter pending when meter is provided or if for some reason a customer’s meter has not been read in a particular month.

Very soon, as government and utility companies have embarked on massive capacity building in power industry.

You can pay your electricity bill in your Business unit or through any of the following online payment options- POS,pay direct,bank,inter switch,e transact, quick teller.

  • Through community ownership of power infrastructure serving them.
  • By reporting unauthorized persons tampering with our installations to the nearest law enforcement agency.

  • Use energy saving bulbs for lighting.
  • Switch off all electrical appliances when not in use.
  • Ensure that your domestic wiring is standard by engaging qualified electrical technicians.
  • Do not overload socket outlets.